Artificial Intelligence Currency Hedge Fund

Financial markets are supervised by artificial intelligence 24 hours a day in order to implement investment decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

Management of the fund is fully autonomous:

  • investment decisions are made by artificial intelligence;

  • risk management is run under the algorithm.

Autonomous management

Fund assets are invested in the spot transactions of the world's most liquid currencies.

High liquidity

Hedging and risk management implemented through:

  • long-short policy;

  • currency triangular arbitrage;

  • exposure control.


More information:

The investment Fund is on the phase of development and testing. The Fund is not officially established and does not distribute investment units. The team of the Fund does not accept investments from third parties - at this stage only the personal resources of the Fund's creators are involved. The material on the website is for informational purposes only. Nothing in this page shall be construed as a direct offer or recommendation to buy or sell units or any other securities of the Fund. Do not rely on the information you find here for personal investment decisions.